What is LaLiga?

LaLiga is the world’s best soccer league featuring internationally recognized clubs and players such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla FC and Valencia CF.

What is LaLiga Academy?

LaLiga Academy offers a soccer development program and pathway to professional soccer careers and university scholarships for boys and girls aged 4-18 as well as coaches, delivering the highest standard of Spanish soccer training at the hands of UEFA Pro-certified LaLiga coaches. It brings together the finest practices from the strongest LaLiga clubs, maintaining the same level that has created the world’s finest players. Alongside players, the Academy will also have a dedicated development program for coaches.

What comprises LaLiga teaching methodology?

LaLiga Academy focuses on teaching the Spanish football way, which involves a holistic approach that combines physical, tactical, emotional, cognitive training.

LaLiga Academy instills in all its players important values like leadership, teamwork, commitment, gratitude and respect. Skills developed through the LaLiga Academy program are transferable across many disciplines on and off the pitch and help its players not only nurture a winning offensive style of play and technical skills but also shape them into well-rounded individuals.

These skills include:
◦ Ball possession
◦ Multi-depth passing
◦ Smart Movement
◦ Technical Skills
◦ Decision Making
◦ Teamwork
◦ Team tactics
◦ Communication

How is LaLiga Academy different from other Academies in Canada?

LaLiga Academy is driven by one of the world’s highest coaching standards, and offers a unique method combining the finest practices of all LaLiga clubs dedicated not only to nurturing individual player development but contributing to elevating the level of soccer in Canada. The Academy offers players the opportunity to advance through applying the same LaLiga method adopted in LaLiga clubs in Spain and the same football skills and tactics learned by the world’s best footballers.

LaLiga Academy offers a pathway to professional soccer careers and university scholarships. All players will have a personalized development program, with top talents joining the LaLiga High Performance Centre (HPC), a by-invitation only professional development center run by LaLiga coaches. The program delivers year-long intensive training with selected players earning their place at the annual LaLiga High Performance Summer Training Camp in Spain, an intensive 21-day camp providing youth with real-life international soccer experience, through competitive matches against top LaLiga youth clubs and intensive training in the celebrated ‘LaLiga’ way. LaLiga High Performance Centre will also offer educational seminars for coaches looking to learn from the highest level of coaching standards worldwide.

LaLiga Academy will also work to support coaching development with training programs and workshops for club and academy coaches.

Who can register to train with LaLiga Academy?

LaLiga Academy is open to boys and girls aged 4 – 18 years.

Will training sessions be differentiated according to skill level?

Differentiation is critical to football development and each child needs to be met at his/her level and challenged appropriately.

That’s why LaLiga implements personalized development programs tailored to each player’s needs. Here, children of various skill levels will be encouraged to grow and develop and to take their game as far as they want. So, if a child is looking to improve and play with friends and have a great time or if your child is committed fully to developing a serious soccer career, they will find the appropriate level of training with LaLiga Academy.

How will young players pursue a professional career through LaLiga Academy?

LaLiga Academy is not only a training program, but also a scouting platform. The Academy will develop players to the highest international standards which will prepare them optimally to leverage the increasingly attractive professional soccer opportunities locally in Canada, especially with the launch of the Canadian Premier League.

What are the locations of LaLiga Academy Canada?

LaLiga Academy will run training sessions at first rate pitches.

Training will kick off at Downsview park – Toronto, Paramount Fine Foods Centre – Mississauga, Canlan Sportsplex – Mississauga and Croatian Club Karlovac – Milton, with plans to expand throughout the country.

How big are training sessions?

LaLiga Academy ensures optimal coach to player ratio.

How do I register my child?

Parents can sign up their children online at https://canada.laligacademy.com.